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❤All4Baby - USA❤
Social/Friendship/Community United States English
2018-03-11 18:58:15
This group is for you - PARENTS

Hello everyone, my name is John Michaels I am 37 years old, and I am the founder and owner of All-4-Baby that was established two years ago.
The idea was born with the birth of my first son Leo, as he grew, I realized the importance of safety and protecting the environment he spends most of his time - at house.
I remember searching on line for hours on end, seeing thousands of products that give a solution "on paper" but in reality after trying, some just did not work.
then I realized, that there are a lot of parents who spend a lot of time and money, in search of a product that will meet their basic requirements.
So I decided to establish the company All4Baby, in order to save all those parents, the hassle and especially the frustration of searching for some peace of mind.
All the products I sell are texted by me and improved in order to bring the product to the highest level of safety for parents like me, who see their children's safety.
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